April 29, 2016 – Open School

Welcome! We are MANABI (まなび) Learning Academy! Come and visit us at our new location at 4376 West 10th Ave Vancouver.

Our Japanese preschool will be open in Point Grey this spring. We’re doing an “open school” parent-child experience. We are holding some fun crafts and activities each day. Please join us with your friends and let’s have fun together! Each class has places for 10 children. Please make your reservation by e-mail.

4/29 (Friday)

1-2years 10:00~10:45
3-4years 11:30~12:15

4/30 (Saturday)

3-4years 10:30~11:15
5~6years 11:30~12:15

E-mail to info@manabi.ca to reserve your place:
1. Participant/Parents Name
2. Participation date
3. Date of participant’s birth
4. E-mail / Phone
5. Address

Thank you!

4376 West 10th Ave Vancouver BC

More information on our Facebook event page.

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